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One-of-a-kind Furniture Pieces Designed Incorporating Unique Characteristics of Solid Live Edge Slabs

Our upscale, live edge furniture is the perfect synthesis of nature and design. Our philosophy is to make use of the distinctive patterning that is intrinsic to each slab to release the beauty embedded within. It’s a philosophy of doing less to create more, of allowing the natural world into our urban environments, and acknowledging that what we’ve been searching for is already right in front of us.

In practice, this approach means not getting rid of the live edge in our natural edge furniture but embracing it. The exquisite natural edge that is inherent in a wood slab is the inspiration for the creation of our breathtaking designs. The innate curves and juts, the shades of dark and light, the contours and imperfections—these are what is so unique to each piece of wood. Relying on nature to supply the inspiration for our live edge furniture creates a supreme individuality for each piece – simply not something that can be fabricated artificially. The wood helps our designers and crafters to shape each model into being, resulting with an exceptional live edge dining table, and other flagship models from our luxury furniture collection.

Natural Edge Furniture & Upscale Slab Furniture Design

Like anything worth doing, creating our free edge Furniture requires focus, time, and attention. We keep a supply of slabs and boards on hand, each one waiting to be transformed into the next piece. Our slabs are all in different phases of the process—some will be air drying for up to 18 months, while others will be ready to go into the kiln for up to three months for the final drying stage; this is why we are the best at custom made furniture in San Diego.

Once this part of the process is complete, suitable slabs are brought to our workshop in San Diego, where they are transformed into beautiful pieces of live edge furniture or art.

The primary source of our slabs of wood for our natural edge furniture is Sacramento, which is within 500 miles of our San Diego workshop. Old Fashioned Lumber, therefore, is often able to supply finished products when a customer is looking for materials satisfying LEED and also US Green Building Certification. This is important to us as we believe in creating luxury artworks that are both locally rooted and sustainably sourced. Our San Diego, California location puts us in an ideal position to obtain the perfect wood for our slab furniture. With easy access to a sustainable supply of walnut, oak, white oak, maple, cedar, and the incomparable American black walnut, we have a steady stream of raw material to bring our pieces of live edge furniture to life.

Live Edge Solid Wood Slabs

Old Fashioned Lumber’s live-edge tables and other designs are made using locally sourced American black walnut, spalted maple, cherry, oak, and other hardwoods

We always keep a supply of slabs and boards. Some will be air drying for up to 18 months or ready to go into the kiln for up to 3 months for the final drying. At this point, a suitable slab is brought to the Old Fashioned Lumber San Diego workshop where it is transformed into a beautiful piece of furniture or art.

There are many great things about San Diego, but little known is the fact that it is located within easy reach of many of the excellent furniture grade hardwoods. The forests where these hardwoods are found range from Sacramento and through the West Coast of the United States. We have a plentiful supply of sustainably sourced walnut, oak, white oak, douglas fir, cedar, and other hardwoods (perfect for custom made boardroom tables). Of these woods arguably the most striking with its grains, colors, and burls is American black walnut. The other wonder of the walnut slab is the cream outer sapwood ring. The outer cream sapwood on the edge of a walnut live edge table becomes an endless conversation feature. The Old Fashioned Lumber live edge wood San Diego table collection displays all of these qualities in the best possible way.

Getting our wood for live edge design
Getting our wood for live edge design in San Diego
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The Timeless Beauty of Live-Edge Furniture Design

The striking appeal of shapes and curves found in nature never goes out of style. Old Fashioned Lumber's furniture preserves the raw and natural forms created by nature, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of these designs in your home, office, or place of business. Our commitment to creating art and incorporating functional furniture design means keeping that natural edge to our slabs and tables. Our live edge pieces are perfect for any space – whether you’re interested in creating an elegant décor for your restaurant or hotel, or you want to welcome guests of your home into a warm and inviting space; we also offer reclaimed wood furniture.

Live edge furniture creates a statement and has a powerful visual impact. Clients love the appeal of having raw, natural statement pieces in their home – something truly unique that doesn’t look like it was rolled off the assembly line at your local furniture manufacturer. Old Fashioned Lumber furniture is proud to provide exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and artistry with every component of our live-edge tables, dressers, chairs, and more.

While trends come and go, the timeless beauty of the natural materials and aesthetics is present in every one of our pieces. Old Fashioned Lumber's live edge designs are created to stand the test of time – both in terms of functionality, good taste, and appearance.

This is our live edge design process - Old Fashioned Lumber
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live edge design example in San Diego
living edge design in San Diego

Live Edge Dining Table

Our signature live edge dining tables are stately, remarkable, and sure to be a conversation piece in any room they occupy. Clients love our natural edge dining tables for home and business – from hotels and restaurants to make an impression on friends and family members in your home dining areas. Your made-to-order piece is customized to your preferences on dimensions, materials, and more to ensure you love your new dining table as much as we do.

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Live Edge River Dining Table

Both inspired and sourced from America’s southwest; our Walnut River tables are ideal for a diverse range of spaces. The minimalistic approach and clean lines are perfectly complemented by the natural irregularity of the wood’s edge. The dark veins of the spalted maple wood almost contain a pulse that brings energy into any space. Fitted with a glass center, this exquisite piece of live edge furniture will find its place both in the boardroom or the home. The contemporary flair of the live edge design will easily become the heart of any interior.

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Live Edge Console

The Old Fashioned Lumber Time When Console is our clearest expression yet of time and design. It has strong contemporary geometric angles and shapes that are harmoniously combined with beautifully grained American black walnut canted sides. The natural wood flows down the sides, like a waterfall, which softens the sharp, sleek, angular futuristic design. The Time When Console is another original piece inspired by another piece in our collection; Old Fashioned Lumber Epoch bench.

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Live Edge Mantels & Shelves

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Live Edge Coffee Table

Our live edge coffee tables are the ultimate in upscale style to any domestic or commercial space. A bias-cut, live edge design allows every piece of natural edge furniture to be utterly unique; none of the other coffee tables in the known universe are specific replicas of yours. Get lost in the story your luxury slab furniture has to tell you, with its patterned lines that connect your piece forever to its source. Completed with a sleek finish and organic shapes, this gorgeous live edge construction will take center-stage in your space.

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