Custom Made Desks

Your workspace is equally as important as your living space—it should inspire visually and offer adequate storage or room to breathe. This embodies the design philosophy of Old Fashioned Lumber: merging inspiration with practicality. As professionals building custom made furniture, we have devised and crafted desks for corporate executives, startups, and home offices, each embodying its unique style, storage, and electrical necessities. Be it a reception desk, a writing desk, or a communal workspace, Old Fashioned Lumber is capable of providing diverse solutions tailored to your specific work requirements.

custom made office desk, get yours at Old Fashioned Lumber in San Diego
custom desk for any taste - Old Fashioned Lumber
Example of our custom made desks
Building a custom made desk

Bespoke Construction Of Custom Desks

No matter the size, shape, or material, Old Fashioned Lumber has the capability and expertise to address any design challenge. Our dedicated design team and well-equipped workshop enable us to craft custom made desks that fulfill any aesthetic preferences and material specifications, from wood and metal accents to the intricacies of storage or angular construction. We firmly believe that our workspaces should not only serve practical purposes but also provide inspiration in our daily professional and personal lives.

Custom Made Desks For Any Space

Decorate your office with our custom made desks
Decorate your home with our custom made desks
custom desk for any space - Office and home
custom desk with power supply and wires

Power Supply & Wire Management Options

Given that your desk is the central component of your workspace, it should embody both practicality and aesthetic appeal. This entails integrating all your technical necessities into the design seamlessly.

As the usage of electronic devices escalates, our workspaces need to be well-equipped to handle this. For every custom desk we craft, Old Fashioned Lumber provides a variety of power supply and cable management solutions, either concealed beneath or subtly integrated on the work surface. This way, we bring together the beauty of nature and the utility of electronics. Our mission is to blend human touch with our electronic usage and infuse beauty into our daily lives.

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