Looking for custom mantels?

Enhance the unique character of your home and boost its long-term value with our exclusive custom mantels. We invite you to visit our workshop in San Diego, where you can meet our skilled craftsmen, explore design ideas, and become an integral part of the entire experience.

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Historic Wood Fireplace Mantels

A fireplace mantel crafted from reclaimed wood serves as a captivating centerpiece that has the ability to unify an entire room, thanks to its distinctive charm and character. Old Fashioned Lumber possesses a limited supply of reclaimed wood beams sourced from the iconic Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. These beams, adorned with remarkable rustic details, are being transformed into mantels through our artistic craftsmanship. These exclusive pieces are created by us, allowing you to bring a touch of San Diego's crown jewel into your own home.

For generations, families have gathered around the fireplace to share stories, celebrate holidays, and create lasting memories. Our unique custom mantels will:

  • Provide a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your family
  • Serve as a captivating showpiece that will leave guests enthralled
  • Enhance the long-term value of your investment
  • Enable you to make cherished memories that will endure a lifetime.

custom mantel in San Diego made of reclaimed wood
fireplace mantels san diego
custom wood fireplace mantels - Get it at Old Fashioned Lumber in San Diego


How deep should be my custom mantel?

A typical mantel depth is 6 to 7 inches. This allows you to place decorative items on the mantel top. A mantel with a smaller depth may lose its presence and be disproportional to the fireplace. The depth of the mantel shouldn’t be too deep, however, since heat can become trapped and damage the mantel.

How long should a mantel be?

A mantel should extend a minimum of 3 inches beyond the firebox opening. If the fireplace has facing around the opening, the mantel can also extend 3 or more inches beyond that. Do not guess when sizing the mantel to a room, or the mantel could wind up being too long or too short.

How close can wood mantle be to gas fireplace?

The National Fire Code dictates that any combustible material (e.g., wood mantel or similar trim) must be at least six inches from the firebox opening. An additional inch of clearance is needed for every 1/8 inch the combustible material or trim protrudes.

How long do I wait until my custom wood mantel is done?

Typical lead time is 7-12 business days, that depends on complexity of design and finishing.

Can I install a mantel by myself ?

Yes, you will need few tools: level, stud finder, drill, measuring tape & and 3″ screws.

We will provide with necessary bracket, to install a floating mantel. 

How the delivery / pick up works ?

Once your mantel is finished. We contact you to schedule a pick up.

Or we can drop off mantel at your location, for a delivery fee.