Upscale solid wood and live edge coffee tables for residences and bespoke coffee tables for premium hospitality projects

Old Fashioned Lumber presents a variety of coffee tables in diverse styles. Our expertise lies in live-edge hardwoods, offering numerous live edge coffee table designs for you to select from. All coffee tables can be customized in terms of size, hardwood species, and finishes.

The array of coffee tables from Old Fashioned Lumber is diverse in its utilization of natural woods. Each design offers a unique aesthetic appeal, coupled with a high standard of craftsmanship and material quality. Be it a minimalist modern design or classic organic style, our coffee tables merge creative design concepts with functional appeal and the beauty of natural materials.

Solid Wood Coffee Tables

With a variety of solid wood options, our coffee tables can be tailored in size, shape, and finish, and can be paired with metal, stone, or any material your imagination brings forth. This is the hallmark of Old Fashioned Lumber: customization, craftsmanship, and robust design.

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Unique Custom Coffee Tables In Metal & Stone

At Old Fashioned Lumber, we embrace potential. If you can envision it, it's likely that we can bring it to life. Stone and metal are material options that can be tailored to your unique design. Similar to our wood choices, the possibilities for pairing and designing stone and metal are infinite. The only limitation is the extent of your imagination.

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