Upscale Custom-Made Solid Wood Benches, Credenzas and Luxury Sideboards

Our collection of high-end wooden furniture encompasses custom dressers, consoles, and credenzas. At Old Fashioned Lumber, each piece showcases a timeless contemporary design. We have seamlessly combined uniqueness and luxury to enhance the interiors of our clients' homes and offices. Through our meticulous manufacturing, design, and creation processes, we transform each item into a work of art, and our custom credenzas and dressers are no exception. Old Fashioned Lumber creates furniture that epitomizes unparalleled luxury—featuring exquisite lines, premium wood, and impeccable design.

Every custom dresser, console, and credenza is meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the precise specifications of our customers. We collaborate closely with you to ensure that artistic expression and individuality are infused into the piece we create together. We understand that the tastes and requirements of each customer are unique, and we tailor our bespoke credenzas, consoles, and dressers to suit your style.

Speak with an Old Fashioned Lumber designer today to explore the design options available to you. Incorporating a custom credenza from Old Fashioned Lumber into your home will elevate your living space with an elegant touch that reflects your individuality and sophistication.

Home and Conference Room Sideboard

Allow us to introduce the coveted centerpiece of our custom bench collection: the Epoch bench. At Old Fashioned Lumber, our reputation for exceptional designs is well-established, and the Epoch bench stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of luxury and innovation. With its captivating lines that awaken the senses and the stunning natural finish, this statement piece effortlessly harmonizes form and function. Crafting this bench to perfection requires an estimated lead time of six to ten weeks. The Epoch custom bench is a versatile addition to any living or office space, equally at home in a traditional conference room setting or a modern residence, thanks to its dynamic appeal.

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Solid Wood Dressers

Our custom dressers embody both elegance and originality, adding a touch of sophistication and style to residential, commercial, or hospitality storage solutions. Starting with the choice of raw material, which includes locally-sourced wood or other select species, we take meticulous care at every stage of the crafting process to create a design that transcends time. American hardwoods, renowned for their distinctive visual qualities, take center stage, revealing their unique characteristics throughout production. These bespoke dressers offer versatility, with clean lines and pleasing asymmetry that seamlessly adapt to various spaces. The finishes, combining elements of live edge and resin, are meticulously crafted to meet our clients' specific requirements. Each custom dresser is a one-of-a-kind creation, meticulously constructed in our San Diego workshop, with utmost consideration for the customer's tastes and needs.

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Solid Wood Dressers

Combining minimalist aesthetics with exotic allure, this extraordinary solid wood dresser stands as one of our most coveted pieces. It offers ample storage capacity, making it as practical as it is exquisite. Inspired by the pristine beauty of famous waterfalls, this dresser shines in a bright white color reminiscent of a winter's day. The off-center line of white or live edge handles against the white backdrop creates a visually pleasing design that will awaken your senses. The top of this custom dresser features a flawlessly finished hardwood surface constructed from walnut. It pairs beautifully with our other Old Fashioned Lumber designs, such as our exquisite beds and chairs, allowing you to make a statement without compromising functionality. Crafted with durability in mind, this dresser is built to withstand the test of time, becoming a cherished part of your life for years to come.

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Boardroom Consoles

With a touch of nostalgic charm reminiscent of classic consoles from yesteryears, our upscale piece embodies both timelessness and a sense of time. However, do not be deceived—the console seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, bridging the gap between the past and the contemporary realm. Just like our custom credenza, the Time When Console features two live edge wood pieces on each side, expertly crafted using the finest American black walnut, one of our preferred hardwoods. Consider this bespoke console design for your boardroom or as a striking statement piece in your living room. We offer designer consultations with our team at our San Diego studio and workshop to ensure that the console we create perfectly aligns with your unique requirements.

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Reclaimed Wood Cabinets

When envisioning contemporary design, it is fitting for our New Old cabinet to come to mind. This exquisite piece effortlessly combines the allure of the past with the energy of the present, making it a prized possession that transcends time. What sets our custom dressers apart is their manufacturing process. We skillfully merge the exceptionally resilient and visually captivating reclaimed oak hardwood sourced from the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Our New Old custom cabinet is robust and grounding, embodying an ethical approach to sourcing materials. The outcome is a remarkable showpiece that seamlessly harmonizes its elements, resulting in a substantial addition to your home.

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Home and Conference Room Sideboard

The Neosho Sideboard is a work of art. Each of the panel doors is adorned with an inhouse designed sublime engraved artwork graphic. Beyond the innate elegance of this bespoke credenza, it is extremely useful in both the office and the home, with sizeable storage space for a variety of items. We believe you should not have to compromise when it comes to designing and creating your custom credenza. Choose the exact combination of elements used to create your dream luxury credenza, including both low and tall designs, as well as a variety of artwork and hardwood.

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Custom Made Credenzas, Dressers and Sideboards

Collaborate directly with Old Fashioned Lumber designers at our workshop in San Diego, California, to create a bespoke design that captures your personality and is tailored to your needs. The addition of a custom credenza in your living space or office can instantly transform the feeling of your interior. The inclusion of our custom dressers in your bedroom is no different. All our pieces are affirmations of the individuality of our clients. Whether you are looking for something traditional in its design or a piece that speaks of your one-of-a-kind taste and style, we put your ideas at the forefront of our work.

We can change the dimensions, finish and wood type according to your preferences. Before your custom credenza goes into production, we create a computer-generated rendering of the finished product and do not move ahead until you are satisfied with your design. Your stamp of approval is everything to us.

Custom Made Furniture

From Our Home in California to Yours

Our goal is to create unique pieces that make people feel something; they enliven the senses and capture the attention of friends, family members, clients, or team members. This is no small task. It requires truly listening to and caring about the needs of our clients and using our expertise to meticulously bring that vision to life. The results are designer, custom dressers and credenzas that move their audience, inspiring creativity and innovation, while spelling luxury.

Make an appointment to visit our workshop in San Diego, California, and get started on the journey to create your unique upscale piece today.