Custom Dining Tables in San Diego

The search for the perfect dining table, which will serve as the centerpiece of your home or project, can be quite tiresome. At Old Fashioned Lumber, we present a range of custom dining table designs crafted from a variety of authentic American hardwoods, available in live edge, hard edge, and epoxy river table styles. Each table is bespoke, tailor-made to your order and can be adjusted to almost any size. We also provide custom design services to help you conceive a truly unique piece that flawlessly fits into your space.

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Custom dining tables in San Diego
custom dining table

Do You Need A Customized Dining Table?

One of the key competencies of Old Fashioned Lumber is the skill to construct a bespoke table for any specific need, that is, custom made furniture. Be it for a penthouse in Los Angeles, an apartment in San Francisco, or a Spanish Colonial house in San Diego, Old Fashioned Lumber can design and create your dining table. We are proud providers to high-end hotel chains and numerous prestigious corporate headquarters, supplying conference tables, communal tables for lobbies, and a plethora of live edge dining table choices.

We are glad to work with our client's design or assist you in crafting your own unique table design. With every order, we generate a 3D drawing and rendering, offering our customers a clear picture of the final product, and this same illustration is commonly used by our skilled carpenters in our workshops. We can manufacture in nearly all wood species, as well as all types of veneers, laminates, and other sturdy materials for the tabletops. For the legs and bases, we can use wood, steel, brass, among many other distinct materials. Whenever necessary, we can incorporate electrical and IT services ports and conduits.

custom wood dining table in San Diego
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custom wood dining tables