Welcome behind the scenes of our workshop and find out what work is behind each object. For over 7 years, we have created over 900 unique pieces of furniture and art, that's about 1 piece every 3rd day. "How is that possible?" you ask. There is a whole story behind each object, a process that takes several years. We hope you enjoy reading about it.

Sourcing The Wood

The most frequently asked question is "Where do you get the wood?"

It is widely believed that those who deal with wood go to the forest and cut old trees and then sell them. It happens but most often in countries where it is not controlled. At the moment this is not happening in the USA, it is impossible to just come to a national park and start cutting trees, immediately someone will see and call a ranger, and even more so it is not legal. Our company idea is based on recycling trees. Often during heavy rains and winds, as well as other natural processes, trees die, as the natural cycle of life, everyone has their own age of life, they do not bring any benefit lying in the forest, but on the contrary, they are fuel for forest fires, and this is dangerous for new ones, young forests that have just begun to grow.

Since we have been in this business for more than a year, we often get calls and offer trees, these can be builders who work with historical buildings, ordinary people whose tree fell in the garden, or government organizations that protect national parks and zones. Each time it's a different story, which makes our mission special.

After we get a call, we go to inspect the tree, estimate how many people we need to help and what kind of special equipment. It often happens that the tree itself is located in hard-to-reach places, so you have to decide whether to saw it on the spot or take a whole piece and saw it through in the workshop mill.

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As you can see in the photo, most often the conditions for extracting a tree are very laborious, it can be rain or unbearable heat, and the tree itself can lie on a slope.

The most common types of sawing trees are on the spot, with a mobile chainsaw with a fixture, or with a stationary sawmill. Each method is convenient in its own way, depending on the situation.

Unpredictable situations often happen, such as: a dull blade on metal fragments inside a tree, equipment that has failed, in this case we always stock up on everything twice.


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After exhausting hours of work, properly loading the tree is an essential part of the process. It is important to make sure everything is securely fastened.