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The best reclaimed wood furniture for your house

If you already know what is reclaimed wood, it probably means you are looking for sustainable and stylish interior design solutions. From dining tables to shelves and mantels, reclaimed wood furniture adds character and charm to any living space while reducing environmental impact. Let's explore some reasons to love reclaimed furniture and the diverse range of custom reclaimed wood furniture available for your home.


5 Reasons to love reclaimed furniture

1.Contribute to the environment:

Furniture reclaimed wood gives new life to timber that would otherwise end up in landfills or be harvested from forests. By repurposing old wood, reclaimed furniture reduces the demand for virgin timber and minimizes deforestation, making it a sustainable choice for eco-conscious consumers.

2. Unique aesthetic appeal:

furniture reclaimed wood

Each piece of reclaimed wood furniture boasts its distinct character and history, showcasing natural imperfections such as knots, nail holes, and weathered textures. These unique features add warmth and authenticity to your home decor, creating a one-of-a-kind ambiance that cannot be replicated with mass-produced furniture.

3. Durability and longevity:

When you buy furniture made with reclaimed wood, you get wood sourced from old barns, factories, or warehouses, where it has already withstood the test of time. As a result, this furniture is inherently durable and resilient, ensuring years of reliable use and enjoyment for you and your family.

4. Storytelling and heritage:

Every piece of reclaimed wood furniture has a story to tell, reflecting the rich heritage and craftsmanship of its previous life. Whether it's a salvaged beam from a historic building (for instance, Hotel del Coronado) or a repurposed pallet from a shipping yard, reclaimed furniture adds depth and character to your home, sparking conversations and preserving cultural heritage.

When you get an old wood table made of oak or pine, you will be preserving at your house a piece of history, which can be wood up to 400 years old.

5. Custom reclaimed furniture:

This kind of furniture offers endless opportunities for customization and personalization to suit your unique style and preferences. From choosing the type of wood (oak, maple, olive, walnut, etc.) and finish to specifying dimensions and design details, custom reclaimed furniture allows you to create a truly bespoke piece that complements your home decor perfectly.

For instance, you can bring your design vision to life while incorporating sustainable materials into your home decor. You can create a personalized piece that reflects your style and values.

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Diverse range of reclaimed wood furniture

1. Reclaimed wood dining tables

These tables are the centerpiece of any dining room, offering a blend of rustic charm and timeless elegance. Crafted from barn wood or old-growth timber, these tables are perfect for gathering family and friends for memorable meals. Check this lava dining table below.

reclaimed wood dining tables

Look at this bistro kitchen table made of oak below. This table base can be changed for one of your preferences, there are many options to choose from.

reclaimed wood furniture near me - San Diego

2. Coffee tables: 

This is a great addition to your furniture since it adds warmth and character to any living room or lounge area. With their natural textures and weathered patina, these tables serve as functional focal points for displaying decor items or simply resting your cup of coffee.

old wood table

Timber coffee table - Reclaimed wood dining table

Another way to get the best out of reclaimed wood furniture is being able to check on the age of your coffee table, in this option for example, you can watch the rings of the wood, which speak about its age.

If you want to tell some good old stories to your friends, this would be a great place to start, an eucalyptus tree coffee table.

Furniture made out of reclaimed wood - Old Fashioned Lumber in San Diego


You can also check an organic coffee table as a great acquisition for your house. See this awesome table below.

Custom reclaimed furniture - San Diego


3. Desks: 

These desks provide a stylish and sustainable workspace for home offices or study areas. Whether it's a spacious writing desk or a compact laptop desk, reclaimed wood desks offer a durable and eco-friendly solution for modern living.


Reclaimed furniture near me San Diego


4. Benches:

Reclaimed wood benches are versatile pieces that can be used in entryways, dining areas, or outdoor spaces. Look at this cool cedar bench that can add a new style to your home.


Reclaimed wood furniture in San Diego - Old Fashioned Lumber


With their sturdy construction and rustic charm, these benches provide seating and storage solutions while adding a touch of natural beauty. If you like vintage style, this is the perfect fit for reclaimed food furniture fans.

5. Shelves and mantels:

Old wood furniture - shelves and mantels

Live edge fireplace mantel - Get it at Old Fashioned Lumber.

Reclaimed wood shelves offer a practical and aesthetic storage solution for displaying books, photos, and decorative items. Whether mounted on walls or freestanding, these shelves add character and warmth to any room while showcasing the unique grain and texture of reclaimed wood.

On the other hand, mantels create a striking focal point for fireplaces, adding a touch of rustic elegance to living rooms and bedrooms. These mantels are the perfect excuse to enhance the look of your home while preserving the history and character of the reclaimed wood of your choice.

furniture made with reclaimed wood - San Diego


Furniture with a story

Each piece of custom reclaimed furniture has its unique story, adding an element of intrigue and nostalgia to your home decor. Whether it's a reclaimed dining table crafted from century-old barnwood or a reclaimed coffee table made from salvaged floorboards, these pieces carry a sense of history and heritage that resonates with homeowners and guests alike.

At Old Fashioned Lumber we meticulously craft each piece to exude timeless beauty and refined elegance. We try our best to get the best reclaimed wood (in San Diego or nearby places) to build amazing furniture.

We are dedicated to creating furniture that not only enhances your surroundings but also upholds eco-conscious principles. Our collaborative approach ensures that every detail of your envisioned furniture piece is meticulously realized, resulting in an exclusive creation that seamlessly integrates into your space, embodying both style and sustainability.

Get your custom reclaimed furniture now!

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