WoodY Restaraunt

WoodY Restaraunt

Creative projects for a restaurant in Torrey Pines. Turning 300 y.o. Red Cedar Burl into a hostess stand as well as crafting coffee table from stone and wood.

First step was decided to turn that large burl into a hostess stand, but how? you would ask...

cedar burl

The goal was to create cabinet inside the burl so menus and POS system can be stored inside as well as run power thru the burl to have a nice brass lamp coming out.

 Don is a natural born tree surgeon, start from cutting the inside of the burl.

chainsaw carving

Lots of noise and sawdust

carving front desk out of old cedar burl

We are getting closer!

cedar burl live edge wood chunk

Now its time to fit the cabinet

custom woodshop furniture design

Looks like that might work.

custom live edge cabinet design projectFirst we charred whole trunk wth fire then sealed it and its time to put flat clear coat on it.

charred wood design

For the coffee table we used stone, shape was cut out on a waterjet machine and two cedar trunks that got stained with metal pigment paint.

tree stumps live edge

metallic paint on woodstone table topscoffee table live edge wood and stone

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