Julie Solana Beach

Julie Solana Beach

retrieved wood from clients property after a destructive fire was repurposed into a brand new furniture for the same client. 

Complex layout from reclaimed wood we got from a client after drying process milled them into many equal planks to make a custom pattern for that door.

Reclaimed Wood Door Layout Chevron Pattern Work Process

 Finishing Live Edge Bar top with resin and flat finish to achieve a nice sleek modern look

Door Installed, looking so good!

Custom Reclaimed Wood Door Installed In Solana Beach

Nick, one of our talented craftsmen is touching up few things before we call client for a walkover.

Custom waterfall bar top live edge installation on site in Solana Beach

Live Edge Suspended Bench was installed as well !

Live edge suspended bench made out of clients Stone Pine

Look at that gorgeous table! 

Live edge dining table on the porch in luxury residence in California

What an amazing grain on that bar top!

live edge bar top installed in the kitchen

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