Bivouac Ciderworks

Bivouac Ciderworks

We have completed a project for a cidery in North Park. We're happy to share what we did.
The task was to make hanging shelves and a metal door with an interesting design for the client.

Initially, we planned to take gray boards and connect the outside of the door, do it like everyone else... But one day I saw boards that were hiding in the corner of the workshop. The idea came instantly! Make them. These boards used to be the facade on the famous Coronado Hotel facade.

Reclaimed Wood Hotel Coronado


Working at the shop sanding reclaimed wood from Hotel Coronado

We began to process the boards, while sanding I saw that under the famous white color there was also green and yellow, which in contrast created a very eclectic look!

working at the shop sanding process

 Before cutting to size, we tried several design layouts.

metal sliding door layout

metal and wood barn door

It turned out very beautiful in our opinion! Simply WOW

custom made metal sliding door

The client asked me to make a door handle too, so I went to all the stores in San Diego looking for a simple, minimalistic handle. To no avail. In the end I just welded it myself!

custom made reclaimed wood and metal door on sliding hinges

Voila! The door is installed!

installed metal barn door at the brewery

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