As we start a new year, we all reflect and plan for what we want the next 365 days to bring. Old Fashioned Lumber is my small business that I created because of my love of nature and craftsmanship. I have invested my and my family’s time and resources into building a company that will support our community and us. As we spent our holidays surrounded by those we love, I was reminded of what is important to me, my community and my purpose.

Choose Beauty

Your surroundings define and mold you. The importance of beauty in all that you touch and do shows with improved health, mental clarity, imagination, and humor. Essential aspects of healthy living. Those who live in the“BlueZones” understand those factors of life – how taking time during the day to connect to nature, to slow down and not rush through a task, to linger over a meal with family and friends – add such a stabilizing effect. Small items that are often forgotten when the stress of day-to-day living takes hold. Beauty in my surroundings keeps me balanced and healthy. Watching my little boy grow while my wife cares for him being the best mother I have ever seen – those moments of beauty build my character and capabilities.


With the overwrought consumerism mentality of “buy it, use it and lose it” our mission is to remind others to reduce – reuse – recycle – repurpose. My workshop is filled with innovative and imaginative ways to reuse items in a way that will bring life and beauty back to an unwanted or used item. Turning an engine block into a piece of engineering artwork by carving it down into a table base. Salvaging fallen trees that look like a heap of broken pieces into slabs that become beautiful tables. Taking a gnarled tangle of a rootball and cutting it down into a table base. Make the bold choice to invest in sustainability and to purchase items that will be with you for a lifetime.

Grow & Expand

“It takes a tribe,” no words were better spoken. This year brought incredible growth in my life – my family, my business, my business colleagues and my close friends. Without the structure that I had in place and that which I am building, I would not be expanding on a personal and business level. The ever expansive ability to grow intellectually, to be stimulated to research a topic because of a conversation – my tribe influences me to better myself and our lives on a daily basis.

I’m excited to be building and expanding as I have planned this year. My promise to you is always to deliver beautifully handcrafted furniture and finishes that are sustainable pieces that benefit your surroundings and this earth.

I look forward to seeing you soon and give you a new year handshake.

My best to you in this new year.


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